Home Mission

The Home Mission occupies a core part in Boro Baptist Church Association's Administrative and development activities of its 219 member Churches/fellowships and 18,000 baptized members. The Secretary, Home Mission, provides leadership and administrative direction in collaboration with the General Secretary of the Association in this crucial area of Church Management. Individual member Churches are Spiritually nurtured by the ordained area Pastors, Sunday School Promoters and Porisarika (Women Pastors) through various programs and activities to promote Church growth.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral services and care are rendered by trained and committed Area Pastors, Sunday School Promoters and Porisarika to the Churches/Fellowship in the following ways:

 Bible Study: Regular Bible studies are conducted to nature and enlighten the congregations in sound Biblical teachings:

  • On selected topic for the year
  • Outlines seminar for Home Mission workers
  • Each area Pastors are assigned to conduct Bible study in 12 - 15 Churches
  • Separate Bible Study for women

 Church Visit: To encourage and render proper spiritual care to the member Churches in conduct of their affairs:

  • Home visit and counselling
  • Meeting with Church leaders
  • Fasting and Chain Prayer
  • Fellowship in worship service

 Friday Worship: To Promote Christian values in the homes and society, encourage and develop spiritual growth amongst the women members through the following programs:

  • Women Bible Study
  • Women Pastor's Exchange
  • Fasting prayer every first week of the month

 Sunday School & Youth Fellowship: To promote and supervise Sunday Schools and Fellowship services to be effective arms of Christian education and spiritual growth of the children and youths in following ways:

  • Group wise teaching through given Sunday School teaching manual
  • Conduct central annual exam. The first, Second and Third division students are been awarded by the central youth committee
  • Prayer fellowship in the evening
  • Youth Exchange program
  • Song competition
  • Extempore speech competition

 Empowering Lay Leaders: To be effective in the pastoral ministry and sharing the gospel in following ways:

  • Conduct 10 days Church Leader's In-depth Bible training
  • Pastoral exchange; to give exposure locally and learn from other churches
  • Conduct training/seminars

 Children Program: To nurture children with the words of God following ways:

  • Conduct Child Development Programs in different pastoral service areas
  • Conduct Child Evangelism program in different Churches

 Seminars & Workshop: The Home Mission works diligently to develop second line leaders through trainings, seminars and motivational programs to its member churches through the following programs:

  • Church Growth and Envisioning Seminar
  • Retreats
  • Lay Church Leader's In-depth Bible Training
  • Carrier Guidance and Counselling for the youth

Women's Ministry

Women Committee was formed in 1947 as the women wing with a bold initiative by a few women members to help achieve the following three-fold purposes: (i) To establish sound Christian families (home); (ii) To strengthen women Christian Fellowships (known as Friday Service held in all Churches on Friday) and (iii) To enhance the spiritual growth of the Association. It celebrated Golden Jubilee in 1997 where tens of thousands women joined the committee in thanking God for His faithfulness and blessings. It now looks forward to celebrating Diamond Jubilee in 2022 together with all God's people. Over 8,500 Women Baptist members are there in the Boro Baptist (Tukrajhar) along with more than 14,200 female children.

Like the neighbouring churches, the women folk here keep aside a handful of rice before cooking and bring the same to the church service. This has been one of the major incomes of the churches.

Youth Ministry

Youth Committee was established on the 16th April 1955 as the youth wing by late Rev. Subidar Borgoary (Founder President) and late. Nibaru Narzary (Founder Secretary) with "Every Youth for Christ" as its declared motto. The name from "Udog Somiti" to Youth Committee was changed in 1966 as it is known today by this name. It celebrated Golden Jubilee in 2005 with thanks giving to the Almighty God for all His blessings.

Under this department, Sunday School Promoters are actively involved for the cause of children and youth of the churches of the Association. Over the years, it has been encouraging the youth to dedicate their lives to the service of God through its various activities. These include: Youth Camp, Child Development Programs, Child Evangelism, Youth Get-together, Inter-collegiate meet, Sports Ministry, Carrier Counselling, prayer and fasting, Sunday School, Bible Study and literature work and the like.

Training Programs

With regard to training, Home Mission works diligently to produce second line leaders through conducting training/seminars and motivational programs to its churches through the following programs:

► Sunday School Teachers Training

► Church Envisioning Seminar

► Church Growth Seminar

► Get-Together

► Retreats

► In-depth Bible Training

► Carrier Guide and Counselling