Finance Department plays a critical role in the Boro Baptist Church Association and is monitored by the Finance Secretary and Accountant alongside the Finance Board. The place of the Secretary of Finance in the Association has long been felt necessary and thus had been started in 2016. In the light of the Christian stewardship that the Association teaches, the Finance Department feels duty bound to make the Association steward of God's resources and hance, intents to be accountable to its member Church/Fellowship, donors and individuals and ensure the resources of the Association are handled with the highest level of trust and integrity as possible by way of reporting to the General Council Meetings held twice in a year. In all this, the Finance Department is responsible for overseeing the budget of the Association and for ensuring that it operates within a responsible and sustainable financial framework in line with the Association's plans and policies and thus operates under a budget which is flexible in responding to unforeseen events. The annual operating budgets are regularly monitored and reviewed and carried out accordingly.