Health Ministry

Lack of health facilities and health awareness has been a serious and a depressing concern for the people of this area. Considering the need of equipped primary health care facilities in the area, especially for the under-privileged sections of people living below poverty line with meagre income sources, the idea of initiating a health care facility was setup by the missionaries. The sick and ailing villagers have no other option but to go to big towns and cities just for some basic health check-ups and investigation than spending for their health in hospitals. To get the basic necessary health facilities under one roof and to make it easily available to the poor and under-privileged and also to have a proper referral system that would minimize time and money thereby improving the socio-economic standard of the area, the Crofts Memorials Hospital and the village Clinics have been initiated.

Crofts Memorial Hospital

The Crofts Memorial Hospital which was established in 1956 began from the kitchen cupboard of Mrs. Gwynth Crofts and is now rendering low cost, effective quality health care, health awareness and community service to all people irrespective of cost, creed and religion and presenting love of Christ through the healing ministry.

Village Clinics

To have easy and informed access to proper medical care and to lessen the difficulties faced by patients and attendants in bringing patients to set-up Village Clinics in very interior areas. Two such clinics were setup in very interior areas which did not have proper communication facilities and has been greatly benefitted the people living in those areas.